Our Focus

Mobility@Work transforms your operation by digitizing manual processes, empowering operators to make the best decisions, ultimately unlocking your company dollars.



Connecting data with financials and workflow


Continuous maintenance and development

Digital Manifest

From impoundments to drilling sites, water recycling plants, freshwater sources, impoundments or well sites, GrayMatter’s Mobility@ Work solution offers operations employees the ability to transmit field data electronically – all with the use of a mobile tablet or phone.



GrayMatter has a trusted partnership with Microsoft and utilizes the Azure platform to house and transmit data from the field to our Scheduling and Map view module.


Often logistics professionals and water management teams are faced with a myriad of data to request, sort, and filter in order to make decisions.


In this module we connect field data, SCADA, and financials to report on efficiency, utilization, and cost effectiveness.



Just as our team is able to customize the Mobility@Work application to RRCs needs, we’re also here to help in the event of device or system failure.


About GrayMatter

GrayMatter is dedicated to transforming operations and empowering people.

As digital transformations are happening in every industry, we help some of the biggest companies in the world harness data and use it to work smarter.

They lean on us to protect and connect their critical assets to their people so that every operator is empowered to be the best operator. Read More.